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That is why more white women marry Nigerian men than white men marry Nigerian girls. The identity of the alleged estranged Nigerian wife of Yvonne Nelson's British baby daddy has been revealed (photos) After Yvonne Nelson revealed that her baby daddy was british and not a first ...Did you know that Abakalili, the Ebonyi state, is the only State capital President Buhari has spent the night since his inauguration? nk reveals that Jon Bon Jovi sent her a pair of his leather trousers after learning she had a crush on him Pink has revealed that Jon Boni Jovi once sent her a pair of his leather tro ...Its only in #Nigeria, that you will see a man who doesn't have much, but will still try his best to make sure his #girlfriend uses a better and more expensive #phone than he does, is that not #romantic?Honestly, you are one of the most #beautiful female singers in Nigeria, and that's because you have a very unique sound which i feel makes you stand out, but i am the #biggest actor in Nigeria too, and i will only think about dating you if you apologize to Nigerian #men... It's just a shame and I am.suprised that such a talented singer will have such perspective about Nigerian men. This one is saying he will think about dating my Simi if she apologises.

that he fair in complexion doesn't mean he's handsome........rubbish Like this! I think Nigerian men are more romantic than Nigerian women. The estranged wife of Yvonne Nelson's baby daddy revealed in 2014 that she was mistaken for the Ghanaian actress in Abuja Keela, a Nigerian born model, is said to be the estranged wife of Yvonne Nel ...Apparently, President Buhari doesn't spend the night out often when he&# ... Three Nigerian scammers who befriended many of their victims on dating sites have been slammed huge prison sentences by a Mississippi court after making tens of millions of dollars from their schemes.Even me that will soon marry my Simi didn't take her words as a big deal, and you are there vomiting....... That is why more white women marry Nigerian men than white men marry Nigerian girls. guy u need folgging sha, that's her own way of seeing Nigerian guys and i know that you you the so called actor has an opinion or what you think about a part set of people in a country.Na you come be the whole Nigerian men, na you be representative, abi? so please pack well and stop being dramatic lmao Like this!

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