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People often do not realize that when location services are turned on, the camera can access their location.

Someone else can view the metadata and find out exactly where they are.

He used the gay dating app Grindr to meet young men, killing four of them.

You must be on the alert when chatting online and someone seems to match you in every way and has perfect answers to every question.

It is true that this reduces the risks and many people do report having a good experience when using these apps.

On the other hand, users may be careless about safety and sometimes vulnerabilities exist in the apps themselves.

It gave potential stalkers access to the exact location of a user for about 165 days.

The company has since addressed this vulnerability.

In 2013, some researchers found that the Tinder app was flawed.Faking a whole identity is another common problem that occurs in the online dating world.It obviously makes sense to find out more about a person before going on a date.We must be smart when it comes to online dating and be aware that the possibility of stalking, catfishing, rape and even murder does exist.All online behavior such as sharing personal information, meeting someone who is relatively unknown, and using geolocation has potential risks.

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