Golfshot handicap not updating

The addition of satellite images along with the ability to determine distances to any point on the hole is a big plus.

The Bad: While the detail included in the hazard view was often exceptional, we were sometimes left wondering why some key targets were omitted, such as the distance to clear bunkers or water hazards (especially when corresponding distances to reach the bunkers or water hazards were shown).

With the addition of satellite images, the user will also be prompted whether they want to download satellite images (which everyone should do).

For example, on most holes, Golf Logix will automatically change from the hazard or hole view to a green-only view at somewhere between 150 to 250 (!

Unfortunately it took us several attempts to modify these pars before the corrections were saved to the application.

As with all apps or dedicated devices that include satellite images from a 3rd party (we are talking about you, Google), some hole images may be out of date.

With any dedicated GPS device or i Phone golf GPS application, users will want to pause up to 8-10 seconds upon reaching their ball to wait for distances to update.

Details: The Good: Golf Logix generally maps a solid number of hazards/targets, including key bunkers, water, trees, doglegs, and even 100, 125 and 150 yard layups on most par 4s and 5s.

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We noted a couple of errors for holes with incorrect par values: one on a par 4 that was changed to a par 3 several years ago, and another hole marked as a par 4 even though it has always been a par 3.

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