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She phoned 911 later that morning to reported Jenkins missing, the newspaper reported after listening to audio from the call: “She said she was worried because her daughter, who had a light tolerance for alcohol, had evidently been drinking — ‘One cup is too much for her’ — and that the teen wasn’t the type to disappear.” Martin asked if police would look at surveillance footage, according to the Tribune, but the dispatcher told her that would take time. They would search the hotel again later in the day, after seeing the surveillance footage described above.“What I would recommend is just go home, relax a little bit, give it some time,” the dispatcher said, the Tribune reported. Staff at the Crowne Plaza searched the floor of the party and public areas early in the afternoon, according to the Tribune.

Surveillance footage shows unnamed people walking into the lobby of the Crowne Plaza, near Chicago O’Hare International Airport, and speaking with someone at the front desk.

But, Chelsea echoed the unequal realities for female game players, telling Streamer Mia added that vitriolic online abuse is coupled with ‘cam-girl’ pornographic associations. I have a legit career as a gamer and you can’t take me seriously as a gamer?

You see me on camera and all of a sudden I’m a cam girl? Twitch partners with popular streamers to install a subscriptions feature that charges users .99 a month.

Jenkins staggers through halls with no one else in sight, pausing to rest against a wall at one point, and a few minutes later nearly falling over a railing at the bottom of a staircase.

She looks to be lost — wandering down a hall only to reappear on the camera a minute later; going into a room, then coming back out; and finally returning the way she came.

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