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On 2008, "Last Modified" field on log files is not updated unless another program attempts to open the file or the utility is stopped, even if F5 is pressed to refresh the view.

Explorer gets is information from NTFS, by using a cmd prompt and "dir" we found that the NTFS metadata for the files is not updated until the handle to a file is closed.

For a very long time I have been a proudly End Note user.

Recently the IT people of The University of Nottingham installed the End Note X4 version on my computer and for my surprise it cannot open the endnote file I was using with End Note X3.

Upon looking in the endnote directory I noticed that the pdf.index.

I use the "search Any Field PDF" feature a lot to do keyword searches in the PDFs stored in my Endnote database. For example, I'll search a combination of terms that actually exists in 250 references, but the search will only return 40 of these.

In addition to this guide, you may want to consult the End Note Support page for information on downloading the software and the End Note FAQ page for (you guessed it) frequently asked questions.

The producers of End Note have put together several comprehensive videos on End Note for i Pad.

Hi,my Endnote X7 ist seemingly endlessly indexing PDFs in my rather small library, containing 20 references and about 400 mb of attachments.

I did find out that there's no way to stop Endnote from indexing, so my question now is: will it ever end?

These days, we are monitoring this issue:when one was developing a utility that monitors log files as they are updated.

On 2003, opening the log file folder in explorer, you can see the timestamp and files size change before your eyes each time the log is updated.

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It starts saying that is updating the pdf index and then it automatically quits.

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