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If you are a cynic you will roll your eyes at the convenient timing of events, but the rest of us love the story line.We are given a definitive point in history which we can comprehend, and are off on an excellent adventure with the Grantham family.Now that you are aware that the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic is near, there will be a flurry of events paying tribute with dinner menus featuring the last meal.Call it a party but should be viewed more like a tribute since lives were lost just hours after the last recall the series opening shot of the tapping telegraph which carried news of the Titantic which directly impacted the Crawley family. As Lord Grantham observed: “Every mountain is unclimbable until someone climbs it, so the ship is unsinkable until it sinks.” It also would appear that every fortune is safe until it is not.Unbeknowst to the family, Robert’s cousin James Crawley and his son Patrick were passengers on that ship.Finally, now that Thanksgiving is upon us Christmas is not far away.

If you have a chance to see her speak, do not deny yourself the opportunity.

Check the “Titanic Menu” tab at the top of this page to navigate to other posts on this subject. Here is what you might expect at a dining experience out, the chef inspired by this book.

Generally, everyone ate exceptionally well on Titanic, regardless of class: I actually attended a steerage event years ago whch was hosted by a local eatery/night club in an historial building.

There is another connection between Downton Abbey and the Titanic.

It is more widely known in the UK that the creators of Downton Abbey will be launching a new 4 part mini-series about Titanic called Titanic 2012 in the Spring.

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