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For me there is nothing more magical than seeing someone in person who makes your heart beat faster.Chance meetings make us feel as though its destiny, meant to be, whereas internet dating seems premeditated in my opinion!

I married one and it lasted over 4 years, another lasted 6 months and was very passionate, and then others of shorter duration but very postive parts of my adult history. The two worst dates of my life were with women that were so gorgeous I could barely say hello when we met, and by the time we finished eating I couldn’t wait to be rid of them.Premeditated isn’t the best choice of words but I think you get what I am saying!Online you can eliminate a few things you wouldn’t want to deal with through your profile, such as drinkers/smokers but apparently not everyone is completely honest their profiles as I was told by quite a few guys.One was drunk and vulgar and the other had table manners that were so bad I was embarrassed to be seen at the same table with her.anonymous (‘BIG Check’ lol) There are positive and negatives to meeting on the internet, just as there are for meeting in person.

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