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Being an Alpha Male myself I find I am most attracted to playful but confident, very attractive and exotic career focused women.

That alone should answer the question of: Most men who consider themselves to be Alpha Males are very confident and self-assured.

They are comfortable with whom they are and they have a clear cut direction as to where they want their lives to go.

Self-motivated, educated and ambitious are traits these women need to have in order to be attractive to the Alpha male.

Generally speaking, an ‘Alpha’ male is one who – at maximum – loves to be a dominant ‘dictator’ (i.e., what some would refer to as a ‘control freak’) in his professional and personal relationships with others.

At minimum, an Alpha male is one who is looked upon to lead others and make the final decision for important matters and issues in his professional and personal relationships with others.

As a Professional Men’s Dating Coach and Interpersonal Communications Skills Advisor, I receive many questions from men who have read my e Books and/or paperbacks, men who have listened to my audiobooks and my weekly talk radio podcast program, and men who have paid me for an Email consultation, a Skype or Telephone consultation, or a One-on-One / Face-to-Face Dating Coaching session. His business decisions will carry more weight and influence than anyone else associated with that particular company.

One of the questions I receive the most frequently is usually along the lines of, “Alan, what does it really mean to be an ‘Alpha’ male? Among mixed martial artists and professional boxers, the man with the best fighting skills who is able to win multiple championship bouts in his weight class is going to be perceived as the ‘Alpha’ male among his loyal fans and fighting competitors.

_______________________ : The Wal-Mart store clerk type of woman is certainly not the type of woman any confident, capable and good looking Alpha male would be interested in. In the business world, the CEO, Owner, or President of a company is going to be the ‘Alpha’ of that company or corporation. Men who perform in these two positions are usually viewed by their teammates as the ‘leaders’ of each squad.She offers no intellectual stimulation nor does she have any significant life experiences that may bring value to their budding relationship.CLICK HERE to read this post on my experience dating a Bikini Contest Babe! she would also not be very interesting due to the fact, as in the above case of the bikini babe, this type of women has very little to offer other than her potential cooking skills and house cleaning desires.

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