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Enterprises often give teams departmental application servers to accommodate individual information management needs.The IT department is merely responsible for keeping the hardware and operating system running, while the individual departments take care of all aspects of their solutions.

Figure 1 shows an example of a typical business process.Driving organizational change across a company is not easy, but with the Office system technologies you can build a solid foundation to facilitate these changes.Info Path 2007 enables individual departments to create forms applications that integrate with centralized, standardized, information management systems.Granted, Share Point provides many options for integrating with systems from IBM, HP, Siebel, and so on.That's good news for power users who want to create ad hoc solutions and still have the resulting data flow into a variety of back-end systems.

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If assemblies must be deployed in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC), security becomes an issue because these assemblies run with full trust.

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