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Many folks out there know Cathy De Buono as an award winning comedic actor of film, TV and the web.What others have come to learn, is that Cathy has always been a keen intuitive, or more specifically an Empath.Then, inspired and fascinated by a documentary on child onset Schizophrenia, Cathy invites Vipin Mehta back on the show to give us the Metaphysical perspective of the condition.Michigan state representative Lisa Brown is banned from the floor for using the word "Vagina"... Then, Metaphysical and Spiritual Counselor, Vipin Mehta joins the show to speak from his book series "Global Healing: Change the Mindset, Change the World." He explains what the study of Metaphysics IS, and how we can apply it to ourselves and our lives for an expanded understanding of our existence and purpose.Cathy speaks on a broader scale about the potent impact of how we ingest history, not only on global political level, but right on down to the level of our own homes.There is tremendous harm that is nothing but exacerbated when we hide the truth and protect perpetrators in order to "not rock the boat." Don't miss this particularly powerful installment of Cathy ...

In this week's episode, Psychotherapist Cathy De Buono invites actor/writer and founder of Affirmative Athletics, Rob Thelusma to the show.

Encore: Cathy, Jill and Becca talk about their trip to "Kathy" on Bravo with hilarious comedian Kathy Griffin, Cathy battles through a lingering laryngitis and guest, Maia Madison talks frankly about her "glass vagina," and her journey to comprehend and heal the things that made intercourse secretly painful.

After years of denial, self blame, misdiagnoses and mishaps in treatment, Maia shares her story in hilarious fashion by the way so that other women may benefit.

Ali also performs, live in the studio, an original song she wrote about grieving the loss of a dear friend and colleague.

Cathy also discusses the recent op-ed by Ashley Judd regarding how women are mistreated and harassed based upon their appearances.

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Cathy invites her dear friends Amy and Annie to the show, who are in the process of adopting a baby through open adoption.

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