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Monitors, detects, and remediates Wi Fi related issues using RRM/SON (Radio Resource Management/Self-Organizing Network) solutions.Develops Carrier grade Video over Wi Fi solutions and supports new initiatives related to Wi Fi First, Hotspot 2.0, and other mobile roaming efforts.These release notes describe new features, limitations and restrictions, caveats, and related documentation.Please read the release notes carefully prior to installation.MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIESAssesses new product requirements and develops technology solutions and architecture design.Studies new technology trends, formulating impact statement of such technologies on Charter’s wireless technology strategy and services offering, validating the capabilities of such technologies through lab evaluation and possibly field trials.Strong technology expertise, proven leadership skills, excellent written and oral communication skills, superb technical skills, and a strong customer-service orientation.

Supports other initiatives that may include improving network security, virus detection, and virtualization of network functions, along with new applications running on the Router to support new services that Product may request.Release Notes for VPN Client, Release 4.7 Contents Introduction System Requirements Installation Notes Files in VPN Client for Windows, Release Files in VPN Client for Linux, Release File in VPN Client for Mac OS X, Release Installation Notes - Windows Platforms Installing the VPN Client Software Using Install Shield Installing the VPN Client Software Using the MSI Installer Using the VPN Client About Version Numbers New Features in Release 4.7.00 Certificate Distinguished Name Matching Certificate Key Usage Certificate Fall Through, Windows and Linux Platforms Certificate Fall-Through, VPN Client for Windows Configuration VPN Client for Linux Firewall Configuration API for Cisco VPN Client Usage Notes Potential Application Compatibility Issues Windows Interoperability Issues DNS Network Interfaces Network ICE Black ICE Defender Configuration Microsoft Outlook Error Occurs on Connection or Disconnect Adjusting the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) Value - Windows Only Asante FR3004 Cable/DSL Routers Require Asante Firmware Version 2.15 or Later Using Nexland Cable/DSL Routers for Multiple Client Connections Cert DN Matching Cannot Match on Email Field EA VPN Dialer Application Can Load During OS Shutdown or Restart America Online (AOL) Interoperability Issues Browser Interoperability Issues Entrust Entelligence Issues Accessing Online Glossary Requires Connection to Zone Alarm Plus Versions 3.1.274 and Earlier Are Incompatible with VPN Client Upgrading Zone-Alarm Pro to Version 3.7.098 Causes Error When VPN Client Is Already Installed on the PC DHCP Route Renewal in Windows 2000 and Windows XP Data Meant for Private Network Stays Local if VPN Client's Local Network Is on Same IP Subnet as Remote Private Network DNS Server on Private Network with Split DNS Causes Problems VPN Client Is Not Supported on Windows NT Servers No Limit to Size of Log File Start Before Logon and Microsoft Certificate with Private Key Protect Fails Downgrading VPN Client from Release 4.7 Causes Start Before Logon Failure Linksys Wireless AP Cable/DSL Router Version 1.44 or Higher Firmware Requirement VPN Client Can Require Smart Card When Using Certificates VPN Client GUI Connection History Display Lists Certificate Used Use Zone Labs Integrity Server or Higher with VPN Client 4.0 Restart VPN Client Service If You Install VPN Client Before Zone Alarm Install Shield Error Might occur during VPN Client Installation VPN Client c TCP Connection Fails If Checkpoint Client Is Installed Open Caveats Resolved Caveats Caveats Resolved in VPN Client for Windows, Release Caveats Resolved in VPN Client for Linux, Release Caveats Resolved in VPN Client for Mac OS X, Release Documentation Updates Documentation Changes Correcting the Obsolete Filename vpnclient_en_msi Using MSI to Install the Windows VPN Client without Stateful Firewall Using Install Shield to Install the Windows VPN Client without Stateful Firewall Certificates Exported from Cisco Certificate Store Are in Proprietary Format Related Documentation These release notes support Cisco VPN Client software, Release 4.7 on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.Please refer to About Version Numbers for information about the version numbering scheme, introduced in Release 4.6.Supports efforts to maximize the performance of Spectrum Wi Fi (public Wi Fi infrastructure), while protecting the performance and experience of users on their own private SSID.Supports new wireless technologies for Io T activities to possibly include: 802.15.4, Zig Bee, Thread, Weave, Bluetooth, 802.11ah, etc.

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Supports Business Services with selling Wireless Services to vertical businesses such as Venues, Hospitality and Mobile Operators.

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