21 again dating empowering joy key self

Contact: Chetna Sabharwal México City, Mexico Edit-a-thon Date: 12 August 2016 Time: pm - pm Mexico City Time Address: Home Work Coworking Space.

International Youth Day Event A series of edit-a-thon will be convening 600 participants to edit and write for Wikipedia.Wikipedia editors have real implications on millions of users daily as it the sixth-most-visited website on the Internet and over 1,796,235 sites share links to Wikipedia pages.The emergence of interactive crowdsourced information may help in closing the knowledge gap as essential knowledge and information is now accessible to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and in all corners of the globe.This experiential workshop will feature my latest work on the art of ascension and spiritual empowerment.Please contact Kim Rea at reaassociates @or by phone at 740-815-6973 to register.

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